Where we are

Toninhas do Brasil is based at UNIVILLE, in São Francisco do Sul, in the northern coast of the stat of Santa Catarina. The city lies on the shores of Babitonga Bay and is considered the third oldest in Brazil, with its historic center listed by IPHAN – the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage. Babitonga Bay is home to the last large mangrove formation in the southern hemisphere. The region is part of the southernmost limit of the Southern Corridor of the Great Atlantic Forest Reserve.

Recently, the project expanded its area of operation, with activities in two more states, in addition to Santa Catarina. Currently, it has three Regional Coordinations. The southern coast of Santa Catarina is a territory in which the project has been operating for some time, in partnership with the Zoology Laboratory of the Santa Catarina State University (LABZOO/UDESC).

In Paraná, the project is in partnership with the Laboratory of Ecology and Conservation of the Federal University of Paraná (LEC/UFPR). Finally, in São Paulo, the regional coordination is conducted through a partnership with the Laboratory of Biology, Ecology and Physiology of Aquatic Organisms of the São Paulo State University (UNESP).

Mapa do Brasil em cinza, com os estados de São Paulo, Paraná e Santa Catarina em azul, evidenciando as áreas de atuação do Projeto Toninhas do Brasil.

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